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Me voy pa' Cali: Reclaiming a Regional Identity and Practice
Michèle Faguet

Helena Producciones
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Festival de Performance de Cali

8th Festival de Performance de Cali







8th Festival de Performance de Cali

The 8 Festival de Performance de Cali took place in Cali Colombia from 20 to 24 November 2012.

The 8 Festival re-read the artistic production in Cali during the sixties and seventies when auto-organization and collective mechanisms made possible relations between theater, visual arts and collective action in the public sphere.

Cali-Colombia has been recognized because the “cutural boom” during the 70s and the 80s. Many people in Colombia have been researching this period of time bringing to the history different events like the opening of the Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia, and its graphic collection of Latin American Art; the Biennial of Graphic Arts; Ciudad Solar, an experimental space by local young artists and filmmakers; Caliwood a group of filmmakers who used to run a Cine-Club. The interest on these issues has written a history about Cali and also about the south of Colombia, but at the same time the emphasis in this specific period of time has forgotten an active prior history full of events, that was the cultural production during the sixties. During this decade the theatre in Cali and in general in Colombia was a platform for ideology and left wing discourses and it was also the space were collective production took place.

The 8 Festival did a research about these mechanisms of organization in relation with the local and national actual context. This reading allowed a view of historical events in relation with current circumstances, the social and financial collapse and the political violence.